General information about the entry
Entry name HS_FOS
Entry type standard
Promoter type multiple
Accession number EP11145
Description of the gene V-fos FBJ murine osteosarcoma viral oncogene homolog.
Creation date ??-APR-1987 (Rel. 11)
Last annotation 13-SEP-2004 (Rel. 80)
Taxonomic division VRT
Organism Homo sapiens (human)
Keywords Proto-oncogene, Nuclear protein, Phosphorylation, DNA-binding.
Similarities with other entries
Homology group Homology group 51; Mammalian c-fos proto-oncogene.
Alternative promoter none.
Neighbouring promoter(s) none.
Cross References
GENOME NT_026437.11 [-56745283, 31545302]
DNA References AL691403.2 [6880, -174968] ENA GenBank DDBJ
AF111167.2 [-23813, 178454] ENA GenBank DDBJ
K00650.1 [-733, 5477] ENA GenBank DDBJ
V01512.1 [-133, 3432] ENA GenBank DDBJ
AY212879.1 [-1037, 4860] ENA GenBank DDBJ
TRANSFAC R00459 HS$CFOS_02 [-347, -338]; by position
R00460 HS$CFOS_03 [-333, -293]; by position
R00461 HS$CFOS_04 [-319, -299]; by position
R00464 HS$CFOS_07 [-319, -299]; by position
R00466 HS$CFOS_09 [-322, -299]; by position
R00468 HS$CFOS_11 [-299, -292]; by position
R00470 HS$CFOS_13 [-99, -91]; by position
R00470 HS$CFOS_13 [-99, -91]; by position
R00471 HS$CFOS_14 [-65, -57]; by position
R01640 HS$CFOS_15 [-322, -314]; by position
R01889 HS$CFOS_16 [-314, -304]; by position
R03425 HS$CFOS_17 [15, 37]; by position
R04046 HS$CFOS_18 [-322, -295]; by position
R04047 HS$CFOS_19 [-322, -295]; by position
R08485 HS$CFOS_20 [-350, -337]; by position
R09697 HS$CFOS_23 [-346, -334]; by position
R09698 HS$CFOS_24 [-319, -307]; by position
R09705 HS$CFOS_25 [-320, -296]; by position
R16104 HS$CFOS_32 [-320, -300]; by position
R16108 MOUSE$CFOS_19 [-350, -296]; by position
R22283 HS$CFOS_38 [-325, -292]; by position
R22888 HS$CFOS_41 [-68, -53]; by position
REFSEQ NM_005252 [ DBTSS ]
MIM 164810
[1] MEDLINE=2414012
Treisman R.
"Transient accumulation of c-fos RNA following serum stimulation requires a conserved 5' element and c-fos 3' sequences"
Cell 42:889-902(1985).
[2] MEDLINE=6574479
van Straaten F., Muller R., Curran T., Van Beveren C., Verma I.M.
"Complete nucleotide sequence of a human c-onc gene: deduced amino acid sequence of the human c-fos protein"
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 80:3183-3187(1983).
Verma I.M.
"Proto-oncogene fos: a multifaceted gene"
Trends Genet. 2:93-96(1986).
[4] MEDLINE=11752328
Suzuki Y., Yamashita R., Nakai K., Sugano S.
"DBTSS: database of human transcriptional start sites and full-length cDNAs"
Nucleic Acids Res. 30:328-331(2002).
Promoter-specific information
Sequence ttcataaaacgcttgttataaaagcagtggctgcggcgcctcgtactccAACCGCATCTG
Method(s) Nuclease protection; transfected or transformed cells [1]
NEDO full length human cDNA sequencing project
Oligo-capping [4].
Taxonomy 6. Vertebrate promoters
6.1. Chromosomal genes
6.1.5. Hormones, growth factors, regulatory proteins Various cellular protooncogenes
Supplementary information Expression/Regulation: +mitogen
5-prime end distribution

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