General information about the entry
Entry name HS_VPS35
Entry type standard
Promoter type region
Accession number EP73250
Description of the gene Vacuolar protein sorting 35 (yeast).
Creation date 06-JAN-2003 (Rel. 73)
Last annotation 13-SEP-2004 (Rel. 80)
Taxonomic division VRT
Organism Homo sapiens (human)
Keywords none.
Similarities with other entries
Homology group none.
Alternative promoter none.
Neighbouring promoter(s) none.
Cross References
GENOME NT_010498.15 [337280, -41666302] ENSEMBL ContigView
UCSC Genome Browser
DNA References AC007225.2 [-196341, 22551] ENA GenBank DDBJ
REFSEQ NM_018206 [ DBTSS ]
[1] MEDLINE=11752328
Suzuki Y., Yamashita R., Nakai K., Sugano S.
"DBTSS: database of human transcriptional start sites and full-length cDNAs"
Nucleic Acids Res. 30:328-331(2002).
Promoter-specific information
Sequence ggcttggaggggccgcagcgtcacatgaccgcgggaggctacgcgcgggGCGGGTGCTGC
Method(s) NEDO full length human cDNA sequencing project
Oligo-capping [1].
Taxonomy 6. Vertebrate promoters
6.1. Chromosomal genes
6.1.7. Unclassified
Supplementary information Expression/Regulation:
5-prime end distribution
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